From time to time, I am going to add a link here to a post that I will write about golfing in Scotland. There are few subjects that I am more at ease speaking about than traveling to Scotland for golf. My plan is to give you a wide variety of ins and outs of making such a trip. I will provide course reviews, mapped out itineraries and many more golf travel nuggets. I hope I will be able to dispel any preconceived notions you might have about Scottish weather, give you food for thought about Scotland vs. Ireland and how to maximize your trip. I am hoping to call upon some friends to give you instruction on shots you will need to learn for your trip like the Texas wedge from 40 yards off the green or a stinger into a 40 mph wind. I will also link you to other websites that may be helpful to you for any trip you may be planning. While this isn’t for everyone, most golfers who haven’t been to Scotland dream about this and those that have been there, dream of returning.

Slainte Mhath

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Here are some other links that will help you plan your trip to Scotland:

  • There aren’t any dependable sites when it come to projecting the weather but this one isn’t bad. It’s the Met Office site.
  • Here is a fantastic site for Scotland’s golf courses. It’s particularly useful when putting together your itinerary.
  • Toptable is a useful site when booking your dinner reservations or sussing out a nearby restaurant.
  • You should read George Peper’s book, St. Andrews Sojourn: Two Years at Home on the Old Course. George is a New Yorker who moved to St Andrews temporarily and may never return to the States. I want to be him.
  • If you are driving in Scotland, be certain to pick up this Golf Map of Scotland.
  • Personally, I loved this book, Tommy’s Honour: The Extraordinary Story of Golf’s Founding Father and Son. It’s about Old and Young Tom Morris, golf’s first family. You really will begin to understand the magnitude of the game of golf.
  • Michael Bamberger and Michael Murphy each wrote a classic book about traveling to Scotland for golf. Bamberger’s To the Linksland: A Golfing Adventure is timeless.  Murphy’s Golf in the Kingdom (An Esalen Book) is equal parts fiction, myth and intruction and it will make you want to play Crail Balcomie and find the cave, the setting for the book.