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10 years ago, I wrote this down as I was preparing to vote for a Democrat for the first time in my life. I wanted to see where on the political spectrum I was based upon some basic issues. 10 years on, my views have changed only on one issue, the environment. You have to believe science. Those of you who have read my rantings on Trump might be surprised to learn where I fall out on the issues.

Democrats(D):It’s the woman’s right to choose.
Republicans(R):It should not be legal and should be considered murder.
Me: None of my business. Women should have the right to choose
Verdict: liberal

Gun Control
D: More gun control laws needed.
R: Constitution say citizens have right to bear arms.
Me: Enough laws already. Strictly enforce the ones we have but lets not be stupid and let people on the no-fly list buy guns. WTF.
Verdict: Moderate

D: Governments responsibility to look after victims of discrimination.
R: Strong anti-discrimination laws are unnecessary.
Me: We are all moral and decent humans until proven otherwise. Anti-discrimination of any type should not be tolerated.

D: Decrease military spending and utilize world organizations like NATO and the United Nations
R: Strong Military and stand alone.
Me: Strong Military and deploy them in the US not at bases around the world.
Verdict: Moderate

Gay Rights
D: In favor of gay rights and marriage ok
R: Against marriage of same sex
Me: Ok with marriage of gays but against Gay Rights. Instead for human rights which includes gays and everyone else.
Verdict: Moderate

Minimum Wage
D: Support minimum wage hikes
R: Usually against strict minimum wage hikes because of impact on business/profits.
Me: Support minimum wage hikes tied to a benchmark like Cost of Living.
Verdict: Liberal

Death Penalty
D: Against the death penalty
R: For the death penalty
Me: In favor of the death penalty in premeditated cases
Verdict: Conservative

Prayer in School
D: No prayer in school. Separation of church and state
R: In favor of prayer in school, foundation of our country
Me: Foundation of our country but country had fewer religions then. Moment of silence with prayer at students option.
Verdict: Moderate

Flag Burning
D: Flag burning represents freedom of speech
R: Flag burning is unacceptable
Me: Flag burning is unacceptable
Verdict: Conservative

Natural Environment
D: Environment needs to be protected and government’s role is to police it
R: Some environmental laws but not onerous
Me: Science says that we are responsible for the killing of the planet. We must pay attention.
Verdict: liberal

D: The wealthy should pay the most amount of taxes
R: Keep taxes low across the board in order to stimulate the economy
Me:Keep taxes low across the board
Verdict: Conservative

My point of view scorecard reads 3 liberal, 4 moderate, and 3 conservative. It’s where I intuitively thought I would be. I always thought I was socially liberal and fiscally conservative. Where do you fall out?


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  • Phil

    sorry, but only in Massachusetts are your gay rights, military and gun control views moderate. Those are all liberal views dude. Welcome!

  • The Grand View

    Nice try. You telling me that having a very strong military is liberal? Or that I don’t believe that we need any more gun control that what we have is liberal? I think not, o younger brother.

  • Jen

    Another site redesign? Are you just looking for things to do?

    I come out fairly moderate with some liberal leanings.

    And Phil, Mike is right, where in the world do his views on gun control make him a liberal? Idaho? I live in the Deep South, and while his abortion views are definitely liberal, his stance on guns leaves him moderate to conservative *grin* He’d fit right in around here, mostly.

  • The Grand View

    Regards the site design, the photo I was using for a banner made me sad every time I looked at it so it had to come down. And regards the looking for things to do: yes!
    Thanks for sticking up for me! Nice try again Phil.

  • Katie

    You have to admit that you’re much more liberal than most Republicans. As for me…well, I’m more or less liberal across the board with some possible moderate leanings. Not surprising.

    Where do you stand on healthcare?

  • Phil

    A true conservative would argue against any gun laws and repealing the laws that are out there.

    A strong military is a more conservative view point but redeploying within US isn’t. Maybe Ron Paul, but definitely not mainstream conservative.

  • The Grand View

    I think I am a moderate Republican. I’ve actually always thought that. BUT…..since you asked about healthcare this may swing the vote. Years ago (I was 22), I was very sick. If I didn’t have healthcare insurance, i would have been screwed to the Nth degree.
    We must be one of the last developed nations not to have universal healthcare. Shame on us.

  • The Grand View

    Are you still here?

  • Katie

    I totally agree. Universal healthcare is incredibly important. I’ve been back in the States for eight weeks now, and the whole time I’ve been worried about what will happen if I get sick.

  • jen

    took the test..Republican-

  • jen

    Try this site:

    pretty interesting!

  • sungame

    “I always thought I was socially liberal and fiscally conservative. Where do you fall out?”

    I fall right off the grid every time this comes up. For us non-Americans, the whole concept of conservative and liberal as the terms are used in the US is a very confusing one. I have always considered myself a moderate leftist, but in a discussion on an American blog, most of my core values were labeled “liberal”. It turns out that the word “liberal” means something completely different in the states than in Europe.

    What Americans label socially liberal is often seen as as socialist or left-wing in Europe, while what you label fiscally conservative has a lot in common with what Europeans would call liberal economical politics.

    Confused? I know I am…

  • The Grand View

    I figured you would fall out there. I like that other site. Where did you find yourself on that grid?

  • The Grand View

    Thank you for visiting. I know that we have different labels or tags for things depending on where we are from but it seems to me that you have a good understanding of what those differences are. It’s another good example of how we are separated by a common language.

  • jen


    The closest I came to was Mccain (shocked me a bit) and I am on a different page with Obama (which didn’t shock me).

  • The Grand View

    A Happy Birthday call out to you. If you go to the Perma Link Box in the sidebar the first file is for you.

  • irishsof

    Ok with marriage of gays but against Gay Rights. Instead for human rights which includes gays and everyone else.

    Thanks for this statement. Speaking as a gay guy, the term “gay rights” irks me. gay folks don’t want “special” or “gay” rights, just want the same rights everyone else does. Of course, what those are depends on what you think are your rights. đŸ˜‰

    But that is a great statement. Interesting post. i fall pretty much in the middle.

  • The Grand View

    That’s what I mean about labels. They are exclusionary. I’m not for anything that singles someone out as different. We are all equal. If people could get that through their heads we could get rid of all discrimination. Pretty simple don’t you think? (Obviously, very difficult at the same time.)
    Thanks for stopping by and thanks for commenting.

  • bchboy1

    go moderates!

  • liz bessent

    hey you sound politically astute. is this a spoof or real? John McCain

  • abritdifferent

    I actually agreed with you on all the points view you had.

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