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This Time It's Personal

As far as I know, there are no set methods for hatching great ideas.  Sometimes, it’s a phone call. Sometimes, it’s because you want to avoid something else and other times it’s pure serendipity. This buddy trip came about because of the confluence of all three of those things.

One afternoon, my Boston Latin School classmate, Dan McCarthy ’74, called to ask my plans for the 40th reunion (yes, I am that old). My rejoinder was simple and to the point, “Did you see me at the 20th, 25th or 30th reunion? What make you think I would go to the 40th?”

I could tell Danny was exasperated with me and I needed to quickly turn that on its head. “How about our own reunion in St Andrews,” I asked.

It took the two of us 30 minutes to turn this small germ of an idea into a firm diary entry and about the same amount of time to lock in the other 6 co-conspirators: Tom Flaherty, Pat Daly, Jack Doyle, Chuck Longfield, Jim Carris, and Steve Mahoney. 40th reunion be damned. We’re having our own.

My wife, Christine’s immediate concern was, “You guys haven’t been together in the same room for 40 years. What if it all goes pear shaped?”

Never was there an easier answer, “Hon, women change. Men never do.”

And soon, we were in Scotland: eight classmates, separated by time and geography. Our early resumes, expanded upon later in life, were 3 former football captains, 2 hockey captains, a basketball, golf and swimming captain and the President of the math X club (for those of you with math skills, there was some double-counting). That’s an abundance of alpha in one house. Could Christine be right?

On this trip there were no insane stories to recount though prodigious amounts of spark-inducing single malt whisky were drunk. There were no naked runs across the Lithy River and no early morning side trips to nowhere. Perhaps, it’s age. (As a non-sequitur, just yesterday I sent one of my classmates an email that began, “I thought I would never see the day where I was exchanging recipes with you…..alas.”) And perhaps still, and more likely, we had nothing to prove to one another.

See if Christine was right by watching the video below.

Slainte mhath.



Later this Spring 2016 we are meeting again for more golf in Florida.

And for a good laugh and to witness time marching on, I present the befores and afters.

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