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Sometime next week, the Grand View will register its 50,000th visitor, a benchmark only notable to me. By comparison, the Drudge Report registered 19 million visitors in the past 24 hours. Nevertheless, we are going to commemorate this modest milestone with a contest. At the same time, we will be helping out my friend Jennifer.

Jen and her husband Scott just finished building a new home on Cape Cod, a thirty second walk from the beach. When Jen thinks about her new home and the nearby area, she thinks tranquility, relaxation and beauty. The streets are covered by blown sand. There is one store in town, a small, mom & pop convenience store. But the town also has a lighthouse and a windmill. On one side of the town is the Atlantic Ocean, on the other, Massachusetts Bay. It is everything you might imagine Cape Cod to be.

Your job is to name Jen and Scott’s home. Jen and I brainstormed this yesterday and came up with some suitable prizes for the winner. The winning entry will receive a tee shirt from The Beachcomber, Cape Cod’s only shoreline bar and restaurant, a baseball hat from Land Ho in Orleans and a packet of Cape Cod Salt Water Taffy. Pretty good stuff, huh? Jen and Scott will select the winner. The contest ends next Friday, a week from today. Here’s the house and get naming.

By the way, if you are interested in a Cape Cod vacation for your family, Jen and Scott’s home is available for let by the week.

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  • calangill

    The Salt Box

  • LouCeeL

    Two name suggestions, for now:

    1. The Mizzen Royal

    2. Topgallant -or- The Topgallant

    These are names of sails on sailing ships. Other possibilities:

    3. Spinnakers -or- The Spinnakers

    4. Mizzenmast

    5. The Anchorage

    6. Safe Harbor

    7. Eight Bells

    8. Midwatch

    I’ll come up with more as time goes by – I just don’t have time to give it more thought right now.

  • longaye

    The Puffin’s Nest. If I bought a cottage in Scotland, that’s what I’d call it. Then again, I don’t suppose there are any puffins in Cape Cod.

  • abritdifferent

    I sat and wrote a whole load out and lost them all somehow….sigh

    A typical Scottish home name: Dunroamin
    Moore Place (a play on the word “moored”)
    The Sandpiper
    The Mariner
    The Great Escape

  • Jenice

    First off…what are they charging to stay there? I wanna go!!! Seriously…at some point when things settle with me, that’s the kind of vacation I need…

    That said, here we go (fair warning…I’m weird).

    The Weatherby (don’t know why…)

    The Sea Mist

    Jen’s Piece of Heaven (corny???)

    The Gray Haven

    Sea Dust

    Cape Jen (aaaahahaha, really corny)

    I need to think more…

  • Jenice

    or less…

  • Danielle


    How about Bay-View?

  • Stacey

    1. Gray Lady
    2. Bluefin
    3. Harborside
    4. Whitecap
    5. Driftwood
    6. Banyan (Traditional Royal Navy term for a day or shorter period of rest and relaxation)
    8. Nauset Point (Eastham was originally home to the Nauset Indians)

  • Stacey

    Three Gables

  • anglophilefootballfanatic

    I would go with something truly Cape Cod and say The Widow’s Walk, but that seems a bit morbid. Then, I could go with Pilgrim’s Place for the tie to Plymouth, but I’ll keep racking my brain for something good. I’ll put this in the post tonight…and I apologize in advance for it being tied to one of my freakiest posts ever.

  • kathryn1

    -The Cape Escape
    -Cape Haven
    -Beach Beauty

  • mumof4

    Scen House (AS IN Scott + Jen).
    Taffy Manor
    Water’s Rest
    Mariner’s Place

    ok that is enough…getting too cheesy here

  • Toni

    Uh, how about Tranquility Place?

  • Shamelessly Sassy

    I’d just go with ‘Sally’.

  • Jenny, Bloggess

    The old salty ho?

    Sorry, I think I just combined too many sea words in a bad way.

  • The Grand View

    There are some great names here. Must thank Holly for the visitors.
    I have two questions. SS, Sally because?
    Jenny, were you thinking this was going to be a brothel? 😉 Actually, there’s a golf course close by named Eastward Ho’. All I can think of is Ashley Dupree and Eliott Spitzer.

  • jrb0856

    Fools Paradise
    I’m serious. I love that name because it describes my life.

  • Karen

    What about :

    Seaside Manor
    Beach Croft Villa
    Home Beach Manor
    Cape Cod Lodge
    Windmill View Cottage
    Bayside House

  • Anglophile Football Fanatic

    GOT it! It came to me while I was driving (and sadly, last night post cows) & is totally perfect for New England: Peyton Place.

    Boo yah.

  • TaTa

    Sand Castle
    Fort Charles Henry
    Tranquility by the Sea
    The Tackle Box
    Relaxation Inn

  • Jen

    This emails goes out to Anglophile Football Fanatic:

    I am a huge Peyton Manning fan! Love the name 🙂 Not sure if the Eagle Fan I live with will!!!!

  • Jill

    Paradise Found
    Hollow by the Bay
    Sea Swept

  • Graham Weiss

    Mike, I like to keep things simple, so my choice would be….

    The Office !!!!

    After all, there’s no place like Home and if you need to contact me I’ll be at The Office. You never know it might catch on.

  • VDog

    I think it should be called Casa de Cracker, East.


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