Need a base in Puglia. This may be it.

Give the People What They Want

Boston Arena and the night Boston rioted.

Oi! Let's do Portugal

Obidos, Portugal is sublime.

A Tale from the Road

Ol' Demon Alcohol Strikes Again

The BLS Bogey Men Take Scotland

The buddy trip of a lifetime.

Meet Aye Wonder 2.0

Mike DiCarlo a.k.a Aye Wonder

It’s been sometime since I have written my blog but when I see old friends, they always ask about Aye Wonder. Well here it is yet again.  I have committed to writing  and have redesigned the site. If you have time, have a look around and by all means, let me know what you think. Aye?

At this moment, I don’t know how much or how often I will write. Expect little because I may deliver less. But when I do write, it will be about things that have always interested me: music, golf, travel, politics, common sense. If this interests you, perhaps you will return. I hope you do.

Top of the Pops

Expect new music to appear often. I am still being challenged by old notes but new sounds. Tell me what you like too and perhaps we can have a great dialogue.

Travel, Travel, Travel

I’m all about the experiences and not things. Nice to have both, but if you have to pick one, pick travel. I have been fortunate to go to a lot of new places with many more on this list. Where’s your dream destination? What are you waiting for?

List Heaven

If you remember the old Aye Wonder, I love lists. That hasn’t changed. Remember the 5X5s? They’re coming back. We need order in our lives. I aim to provide some of it.

Photo of the Week
There's always something to be seen and this is the place you will find it.
Mind the Gap
If it pisses me off, it's here.
Hotel of the Week
I have found so many great hotels, in phenomenal locations. I'll share them here.
This Time It's Personal
If I write about something that happened to me, you'll find it here. Hopefully, only good news. But unlikely.